Required Credentials

Hospital applications for clinical privileges require up-to-date copies of the following documents. OPS can assist you in obtaining specific hospital's applications, but acquiring the necessary credentials is the responsibility of the potential moonlighter.

*Note: OPS arranges for the hospital or psychiatry department to waive or pay all fees and dues on your behalf – do not send payments in with your completed applications.

In order to accelerate the credentialing process, please begin assembling the following documentation and fax or email them to OPS as soon as they become available. If you haven't already applied for any required credentials, links to the necessary applications and documents are included in the list below.

Remember: Be sure to fill out each application in its entirety and attach all required forms. Always keep copies of completed applications - they will be required to begin moonlighting at any hospital.

  • Curriculum Vitae (or Resume)

  • Evidence of TB Testing

  • Immunization Record

  • Copy of Drivers License

  • Copy of Passport

  • Color photo of yourself (emailed cell phone or digital camera pictures are acceptable)

  • Certificate for Foreign Medical School Graduates