This FAQ is a valuable resource for both potential and current OPS moonlighters. If you are new to OPS, please read through it carefully as it provides integral information.

"What are the benefits of moonlighting with OPS?"
OPS provides scheduling, orientation and support for moonlighting doctors. Dr. Hauser and the staff at On-Site Psychiatric Services, Inc. have decades of experience successfully serving hospitals and moonlighters. 
"How are new doctors oriented?"

We try to make your orientation to a new hospital environment as quick and easy as possible. OPS provides comprehensive hospital-specific orientation material to help prepare you as much as possible before your first night on the job. 

"How are doctors scheduled? "

Schedules are constructed on a month-to-month basis. Doctor's preferences are weighted with the following considerations to determine the final schedule: 
-  We value physicians who have great attitudes, get along with staff from all disciplines, and perform all work responsibilities competently, including completion of all required paperwork. 
-  We appreciate crystal clear communication about your schedules, including updates when your anticipated availability changes and replies to all emails and phone calls. 
-  We value people who are flexible and who are willing to work at more than one hospital.  We greatly appreciate people who volunteer for holidays and are indebted to people who help with occasional unexpected (and perhaps last minute) vacancies.
-  We depend on people who honor their commitments and appreciate longevity in the job.

"When can I expect the upcoming month's schedule? "

Schedules are released as far in advance as possible - the earlier we have doctors' scheduling preferences, the further in advance we can release a complete schedule.  As a general rule, we attempt to elicit scheduling information from the doctors several months in advance, but understand that this is not always possible.

"What should I do if I need to give up a day that I've committed to work? "

Shifts are assigned by mutual agreement; once assigned you are expected to work.  On occasion, someone would like to, or has to, give up a day.  Please notify Martha or Mark immediately  -  we can contact the doctors who are most likely to cover the shift and will communicate the schedule change to the appropriate parties.

"What should I do if am late for a shift? "

Doctors are expected to arrive on time for all shifts.  On occasion, someone is late, and this inevitably delays another doctor who is waiting to leave.  Please call the hospital to reassure the delayed doctor that you are on your way, and convey your estimated time of arrival.  If you cannot get through to the hospital, call Dr. Hauser at 617-969-6331.

"What should I do if I don't like something about the moonlighting job? "

We sincerely appreciate constructive criticism.  It benefits everyone involved when things go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. One of our responsibilities is to represent the interests of OPS moonlighters to the hospitals.
Remember: We can't solve problems we don't know about!  Contact us directly to let us know and we'll do the best we can to help.
If your concern is specific to a hospital, you can also use this convenient form and your feedback will be received directly by OPS Staff who will address your issue as effectively as possible.
If your concern is regarding the On-Site Psychiatric Services, Inc. program, you can also use this form to let us know.