On-Site Psychiatric Services, Inc. (OPS) provides  continuous and reliable nighttime and weekend psychiatric coverage for hospitals and crisis teams across Massachusetts. 

We welcome inquiries from psychiatrists who would like to work more, especially at jobs available in the nighttime, weekend and holiday niche.  We assist prospective moonlighters with identifying appropriate jobs, we help to facilitate the credentialing process (tedious as it is), and we finesse the scheduling process.  We are known for embracing the unique schedule preferences and limited availability of the doctors who work in this specialized niche.

Job Opportunities:

  • Newton Wellesley Hospital
  • Lemuel Shattuck Hospital
  • High Point Treatment Center
  • St. Vincent Hospital
  • St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
  • OPS specializes in running successful coverage programs, and providing consultation regarding program design and development, and quality assurance.

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